‘Fuck Your Feelings’ Never Applies to White Men

The logic of abuse has ordered our lives for so long, it must not be allowed to rule our politics any longer

AOC tells it like it is.

The Congresswoman was told, as survivors of abuse are always told, to get over it already.

In the broadcast, she shared that she is, like so many others, a survivor of sexual assault. Ocasio-Cortez directly compared the silencing tactics of sexual abusers to the behavior of conservative apologists who, at this very moment are frantically insisting everyone shut up about the four years of relentless civic vandalism and crypto-fascism culminating in an attempted white-supremacist coup.

‘Facts don’t care about your feelings’ is the inevitable retort when a woman of color calmly explains what literally happened to her.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is one of a growing cohort of women refusing that sort of strength in the name of social justice. She has been trashed and trolled across right-wing media for daring to mention that yes, almost dying in a terrorist attack put a downer on her day. But Ocasio-Cortez has long since learned that she will be trashed, trolled and threatened whatever she does, because whatever she does, she does it as a young, left-wing woman of color occupying a position of power and influence that millions of white men think she does not deserve. There is no way for Ocasio-Cortez to make these spineless mediocrities happy except by walking away. And walking away is the one thing she will not do, so she may as well say what she means, no matter how it MAGA-man feels about it.

The notion that anyone might have a political priority more pressing than mollifying white male feelings is still shocking.

These men are not telling it like it is, they are telling it like it feels. In a culture held hostage by the emotions of white men, this apparently matters more than objective truth.

Based on a true story. Author, journalist, screenwriter, social justice bard.

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